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16th May 2013


You can tell how busy I am by how messy my desk is. I go months without seeing my tabletop leading up to Immigrant Heritage Week. Time for summer clean up! (at NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs)

You can tell how busy I am by how messy my desk is. I go months without seeing my tabletop leading up to Immigrant Heritage Week. Time for summer clean up! (at NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs)

28th April 2013


Hand cramp central. I love a good challenge ;)

Hand cramp central. I love a good challenge ;)

17th March 2013

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A personal appeal to New York City:

re: Voting (NYC 2013 Mayoral Race)

Citizenship comes with many rights, one of the most important being the ability to vote in elections.  Growing up in an immigrant household, my parents didn’t know how to connect with the government.  Elections were taken with a sense of humor, my mom voting republican, my dad voting democrat in spite of her; neither aware of the backgrounds of candidates or willing to do any research.  They were (and still are) completely unaware that votes matter and the outcome continuously affects their lives.

They are not alone.  Immigrants come to our country and our city with a dream to become American citizens.  But the unfortunate truth is, without a way to relate to government or a way to fully understand the impact of votes, many naturalized immigrants vote for the “better seeming” candidate, regardless of the actual truth behind the pitch.

Voting should not be based on appearance during election season.  It’s not about who quotes God the most, the promise of lower taxes or a living wage.  It’s about knowing your right as a US citizen and a resident of New York City.  That your voice, concerns and vote really matter.

There are people running for Mayor of New York City.  We vote this November.  I’m not the most politically charged person and don’t have full knowledge of each candidate’s track record, but I’m making the decisions on what matters to me.

In order to get my vote, the candidate must focus on (along with a whole list of other things):

  • Immigrants – NYC is the city of immigrants.  Everyone from everywhere is here, contributing to every facet of life.  I need a Mayor who is completely conscious of that fact, being mindful of openness, accessibility and will bring diversity to the senior levels of City Hall.
  • Housing – My husband is planning on buying a house.  I’m coping with the issue of “How are we ever going to afford it?!”  Young couples face a daunting reality of being able to afford a place to live in NYC.  I feel like I’m priced out of my own city but I refuse to move to another state.
  • Cost of Living – My middle class parents were driven out of the city because they could no longer afford to pay for the house in Queens.  My older brother moved from Queens to Jersey for a bigger house and better schools for his kids.  I grew up in Queens and genuinely want to keep my roots here.  The next Mayor needs to bring the middle class back.
  • Small Business – As an owner of an up and coming cake studio, I really care about programs that can help small businesses navigate rules and continue to grow.  Initiatives designed specifically for small businesses will help create local jobs and boost neighborhood economy.
  • Accountability – For my vote, the candidate needs a track record of ideas and accomplishment.  Pitch initiatives and follow through.  If a project falls short, I respect the ability to account for the situation and provide proper reasoning and remediation.

Newly naturalized (and all) citizens need to realize the importance of their vote. 

Decisions should not be made in the two weeks before Election Day. 

Consider what is important to you.  Know your terms, research the candidates and cast a thoughtful vote for your representative in November.

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12th March 2013


The hiatus is over. Black forest cupcakes - test baking, how I’ve missed you!

The hiatus is over. Black forest cupcakes - test baking, how I’ve missed you!

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30th December 2012


25 years of life complete.  tomorrow starts the next 25. time for a new chapter.

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26th October 2012

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I was serious.  I really made my own wedding cake.  It was such an amazing experience.  Two weeks and three days for a five tier cake for 220 people.  Topped with nine sugar flowers, a white phoenix tail and a dragon tail. 

I was supposed to have more than 30 minutes to finish the cake, but since it rained and everything got delayed, I really only had less than 15 minutes to top off the cake.  All good, not everything is perfect.  I wish I could have shaped the tail a little better.

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3rd August 2012


Cake hiatus. Next time this happens, it’ll be at my wedding!

Cake hiatus. Next time this happens, it’ll be at my wedding!

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2nd July 2012

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Wedding Cake Lessons.

  1. If you don’t love it, do it again.
    I had to redo the top two layers altogether because I didn’t love the thickness of the angel food cake. 
  2. I need a bigger fridge.
    We literally had to take out all the shelves of our current fridge to accommodate this cake.
  3. I miss using a convection oven.
    I can’t wait until I can invest in a “real” oven that doesn’t take an extra 30 - 90 minutes to bake a cake.
  4. I need to lift weights.
    Wedding cakes are massive.  The one above feeds about 110 people and was easily like 80+ lbs! 
  5. Check your dowels!
    I realized really quickly that my pencil sharpener was too small for the dowel i had chosen to be the spine of the cake.
    5a. Improvise!! I used four skewers to anchor the bottom two tiers together between the dowels.
  6. The box is magic.
    It was 1024398350214903472938 times easier to lift the cake when it was completed and sitting in the delivery box.   
  7. Expect the unexpected.
    It’s New York City and weekend traffic is a mess.  Also, parking is a mess. 
  8. I’m a little OCD.
    Happy I had the approved sketch of the final cake, it took me 45 minutes to perfectly place the flowers and butterflies.  I’m sure I’ll be much faster next time.

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